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Partnership for Family Strengthening (PFS) is a Christian NGO which exists to implement action and advocate for child and family welfare. Established to ensure the prevention of family breakdown as we support the Reform of Care across the globe, PFS is strategically working in partnership with communities in Ghana to develop community-based family preservation, child protection and alternative care solutions for all community members. We are also working for a future with stronger families by mentoring young adults and engaging partners through advocacy to transform the child protection system in Ghana.

We firmly support de-institutionalization and work to help care leavers reintegrate successfully into society and develop healthily into responsible adults.
PFS is a member of Transform Alliance Africa, a growing network of Child-welfare organizations from various countries across Africa facilitated by Hope and Homes for Children, whose mission is to be the catalyst that will end institutional care of children in Africa by bringing together our collective voices, knowledge, practice and experience to strengthen families and which works towards a vision that one day, in an Africa free of institutional care, all children will belong and grow up in a safe and loving family.

We are currently contributing to Child Care Reform in Ghana by advocating for & supporting the ‘FIVE-YEAR ROAD MAP FOR THE CLOSURE OF RESIDENTIAL HOMES FOR CHILDREN IN GHANA’ being implemented by the Care Reform Initiative under the Department of Social Welfare within the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

We also work in partnership with the Department of Children, Bethany Christian Services, the CSO Working Group on Foster Care and Adoptions (FOSCA); the Better Care for Children Committee; FBOs, and other NGOs working to achieve these goals.

We also advocate as the deliberate invested effort in the process of engaging stakeholders, decision-makers and other concerned people to influence behavior, practices and legislation to support and implement actions in line with our stated objectives.

Our Goal

Transforming Ghana's childcare system to family-based care in 5 years

Our Objectives

  1. Reduce the incidence of child abandonment, neglect and institutional care for children in Ghana through our Family Support Centers, advocacy, engagement workshops and Mentoring projects

  2. The transformation of the child care system into a robust one that discourages institutional care and sustains family-based care for all vulnerable children in Ghana through evidence-based advocacy for firm political will.

Our Core Values

In line with our goal, our core values are:

  1. Christlikeness
    We believe that character is a very basic essential for successful sustained transformation and Christ model for us the perfect set of character traits we aspire to.

  2. Family-Orientedness

    We believe that everyone can and should have access to love, discipline, safety network and a sense of belonging that endures in a family.

  3. Empowerment

    We believe dependency kills. We always seek to empower our beneficiaries, communities and staff so that development gains can be sustained

  4. Partnership

    We believe we can never do it all alone. We need everyone on board.

These values guide us in our work, define our advocacy and reflect in our interactions with partners and stakeholders alike.

Key Partnerships

As we work to transform young adults, we will partner with some of the following stakeholders:

Transform Africa Alliance

Transform Africa Alliance

Transform Africa Alliance works with governments, communities and donors to replace orphanages with sustainable child protection systems. Our expertise has value because it comes from the ground up and supports grass-roots change at local and government level.


CSO Working Group (Foster Care and Adoptions)

CSO Working Group (Foster Care and Adoptions)

This CSO is heavily invested in properly regulating foster care in the country by coordinating the efforts of all stakeholders attempting to reach the same aims and goals. The group thus aims to promote the interest of the child on foster care and adoption issues in the country.

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